Cassina Archive 'L'energia delle cose ritrovate' Cassina Archive 'L'energia delle cose ritrovate'


  • From: June 2012
  • To: December 2013
  • City: Cucciago, Como
  • Country: Italy
  • Type:¬†research and production of 1950s handles
  • With: Daniele Ledda xycomm Milano
  • Collaborators: Diego Magr√¨ - Simone Zbudil Bonatti
  • Client: OMP Porro srl
Consultancy for model production and research between design and industry.

The acquisition by OMP Porro of what remained of the Enrico Cassina company not only saved a material of great executive refinement, but made it possible to open a new research on the relationship between design and industry in the fifties and to imagine new scenarios for the future. It was a question of reconstructing a history in reverse, from the technical and ergonomic object to the caretaceous documentation with the certain "proof" of the dating.
Little by little the documents emerge from the archives and the vocabulary is enriched with new elements. "Aerodynamically shaped door handles" are back in fashion and can be put back into production. Today, history reverberates with a heightened sensitivity to the tactile and immediate, rather than the infatuation with geometric preconceptions of the interwar years. The contemporaneity of the 1950s handles lies in their intuitively corporeal nature and in the close relationship with the workshop as a place of research.


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